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Title: The Ultimate Guide to Shipping Container Costs for eCommerce Companies

shipping containers for sale price

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‍shipping containers for sale price
## Introduction Shipping containers have become an integral part of the logistics industry, serving as a reliable means of transporting cargo across the globe. eCommerce companies, in particular, heavily rely on shipping containers to ship their products efficiently. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the various aspects of shipping container costs for eCommerce companies, including leasing and purchasing options, factors affecting pricing, and strategies to optimize container shipping costs.

Understanding Shipping Container Costs

The cost of shipping a container is influenced by several factors, such as volume discounts, freight forwarder involvement, and market conditions. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the shipping industry faced container shortages and increased demand, resulting in significant price escalations. Additionally, the weight of the cargo and any special handling requirements, like hazardous materials, can impact pricing.

However, two primary factors that affect shipping container costs are the container size and the origin and destination of the shipment.

Container Size

The most common container sizes used for eCommerce fulfillment centers and distribution centers are the 40-foot and 20-foot containers. These sizes provide ample space for freight and are compatible with container ships, tractor trailers, and rail cars. While smaller containers may cost less to ship overall, their non-standard sizes can make them more expensive due to loading complexities.

Origin and Destination

Shipping container costs vary depending on the domestic or international nature of the shipment. Forbes reported that moving a shipping container domestically in the U.S. can range from $1,200 to over $7,500, with an average cost of around $3,000. International shipping costs include port movements, ocean shipping, customs fees, and tariffs. The specific distances between origin and destination ports significantly impact the overall shipping fees.

To obtain accurate pricing for shipping containers, it is recommended to seek assistance from fulfillment partners, manufacturers, freight forwarders, or directly engage with shipping companies. Many freight companies offer online calculators that provide instant container freight quotes as a starting point.

Strategies to Control Shipping Container Costs

While shipping companies determine the base price for shipping containers, eCommerce companies can implement various strategies to optimize their container shipping costs. Although the cost difference per container may seem insignificant, these strategies can add up over time, improving profit margins and overall business success.

Palletizing vs. Floor Loading

When loading products into a container, there are two methods: palletizing and floor loading. Palletizing involves securing products onto pallets, which lifts the cargo off the container floor and protects it from potential damage. Warehouse workers can easily move palletized merchandise using forklifts, making the unloading process quicker and easier. On the other hand, floor loading eliminates the need for pallets, maximizing container space and potentially reducing shipping costs. However, floor-loaded cargo is harder to secure and carries a higher risk of damage during transport.

Freight Forwarding

Engaging a freight forwarding company can help optimize container shipping costs. These companies have established relationships with multiple shipping companies due to their high cargo volume, enabling them to negotiate better pricing and faster passage for eCommerce companies.

Strategic Warehouse Locations

Choosing strategically located fulfillment warehouses is crucial for efficient container transportation. While proximity to a port is advantageous for freight delivery, it may not be ideal for order fulfillment. Opting for a warehouse in a more central location can provide excellent port access while ensuring quick and affordable domestic parcel shipments. Considering rail and trucking options can further enhance container transport efficiency.

Avoiding Detention and Demurrage Charges

Detention and demurrage charges are additional fees imposed by shipping companies when containers are not returned to the port within a specific timeframe. To avoid these charges, managing the supply chain efficiently and selecting warehouses close to the port can be beneficial. Alternatively, booking the container to its final destination at the warehouse can prevent fees from accruing.

Exploring the Cost of Purchasing Used Shipping Containers

Apart from leasing, purchasing used shipping containers has gained popularity in recent years due to their versatility. These containers are now being repurposed for various applications, including housing and office spaces. The cost of purchasing a used shipping container depends on factors such as container size, condition, and delivery fees.

Container Prices

Used storage containers typically start around $2,500, while new shipping containers can cost up to $20,000. High cube containers, which offer increased height compared to standard containers, are priced higher. Additionally, 40-foot containers are generally more expensive than 20-foot containers. The condition of the used container also affects its price, with delivery fees adding to the overall cost. shipping containers for sale price


Shipping containers play a vital role in the logistics operations of eCommerce companies. Understanding the factors that affect shipping container costs and implementing strategies to optimize these costs can significantly impact a company’s profit margins. Whether leasing or purchasing, careful consideration of container size, origin and destination, and supply chain management can lead to more efficient and cost-effective shipping practices. By taking control of shipping container costs, eCommerce companies can enhance their competitiveness in the global market. shipping containers for sale price