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Shipping Containers for Sale in Savannah, GA: Your Ultimate Buying Guide

shipping container for sale savannah

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‍shipping container for sale savannah
Firstly, Are you in need of storage solutions in Savannah, Georgia? Look no further than On-Site Storage Solutions. We offer a wide range of shipping containers for sale in various sizes, conditions, and grades to meet your specific needs. Whether you need a container for personal or commercial use, we have you covered. Our expert sales team is dedicated to providing excellent service and the best pricing to our customers. In this comprehensive buying guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know about purchasing shipping containers in Savannah, GA.

Why Choose On-Site Storage Solutions?

Secondly, At On-Site Storage Solutions, we prioritize quality and affordability. We understand the importance of finding the right storage container at a price that fits your budget. That’s why we offer a diverse selection of containers, including both new and used options. Our containers are built to withstand the rigors of transportation and are made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance. With our wide variety of container sizes and conditions, you can find the perfect solution for your storage needs.

New Shipping Containers in Savannah

Thirdly, If you’re looking for a container that has never been used before, our new shipping containers are the perfect choice. Also known as one-trip or one-use containers, these units have only been used once for a single trip. As a result, they are in pristine condition and offer excellent value for money. At Pelican Containers, we offer a variety of new containers in different sizes to suit your requirements. Here are some of the options available:

Double Doors Containers

Fourthly, Double doors containers are designed with doors on both ends, allowing for easy access to your stored items. These containers are ideal for businesses that require frequent loading and unloading of goods. With double doors, you can quickly retrieve items from either end of the container without having to move other stored items.

Open-Sided Containers

Furthermore, Open-sided containers feature removable sidewalls, providing maximum flexibility for loading and unloading oversized or bulky items. These containers are particularly useful for industries such as construction, agriculture, and manufacturing, where large equipment or materials need to be transported.

Open Top Containers

Moreover, Open top containers have a removable roof, making them ideal for transporting goods that require top-loading or require extra height clearance. These containers are commonly used for shipping goods such as machinery, vehicles, or oversized cargo.

45 Ft Open Side Containers

However, If you need even more accessibility and flexibility, consider a 45 ft open side container. With side shutter doors, you can easily build partitions inside the container to store and organize various types of objects. These containers are perfect for businesses that require efficient inventory management.

45 Ft Flat Rack Containers

In addition, For transporting oversized cargo, 45 ft flat rack containers are your best bet. These containers are designed to accommodate large and irregularly shaped items that cannot fit in standard containers. With their sturdy construction, they ensure secure transportation of your goods.

45 Ft High Cube Containers

Finally, If you need extra height for your cargo, 45 ft high cube containers are the way to go. These containers provide an additional foot of height compared to standard containers, allowing you to store taller items or maximize vertical space.

45 Ft Standard Containers

Lastly, For general-purpose storage, 45 ft standard containers offer ample space and versatility. With their extended length, these containers can serve as a mini-warehouse for your goods. Whether you need to store household items, inventory, or equipment, these containers can accommodate your needs.

40 Ft Open Top Containers

Firstly, If you require a container that combines the convenience of top-loading with standard dimensions, 40 ft open top containers are an excellent choice. These containers are designed to exceed international standards for logistics and transportation, ensuring the safety and security of your goods.

40 Ft HC Open Side Containers

Secondly, The 40 ft high cube open side containers are specifically designed to provide easy loading and unloading with their side shutter doors. This feature allows for efficient sorting and organizing of cargo, making them a popular choice for industries that require frequent access to stored items.

40 Ft Flat Rack Containers

Thirdly, For transporting large cargo that cannot fit in standard containers, 40 ft flat rack containers are the solution. These containers feature two hinged front panels that can be folded down, allowing for easy loading and unloading from both the top and the sides.

40 Ft High Cube Containers

If you need a container with extra height, 40 ft high cube containers are a perfect fit. These containers offer an additional foot of height compared to standard containers, providing ample space for storing taller items or maximizing vertical storage.

40 Ft Standard Containers

The 40 ft standard containers are the workhorses of the shipping container industry. With their generous size and payload capacity, these containers can handle a wide range of goods, from household items to industrial equipment.

20 Ft Open Top Containers

If you have goods that require top-loading or extra height clearance, 20 ft open top containers are an excellent choice. These containers are specifically designed to keep your valuables safe during long-haul transport.

20 Ft Side Open Containers

For businesses that need to transport large items that cannot be loaded through standard container doors, 20 ft side open containers are the answer. These containers feature side-opening doors, allowing easy access to the entire container space.

20 Ft Flat Rack Containers

When it comes to transporting oversized cargo, 20 ft flat rack containers are the go-to option. These containers are specifically designed for the transportation of irregularly shaped or bulky items that cannot fit in standard containers.

20 Ft Standard Containers

The 20 ft standard containers are the most popular choice for a wide range of storage needs. With their versatile size, they offer a perfect balance between space and convenience, making them suitable for both personal and commercial use.

20 Ft Shipping Container Chassis

If you need a container that is ready for transportation, we offer 20 ft shipping container chassis for sale. These chassis are available in various configurations to suit your specific needs.

40 Ft Shipping Container Chassis

For heavy-duty transportation, we also provide 40 ft shipping container chassis. These chassis are made from high-strength, low-alloy steel, ensuring their durability and capability to handle heavy loads.

Gensets (Clip-On)

If you require temperature-controlled storage, we offer clip-on generator sets for reefer containers. These generators attach to the front of the refrigerated container, providing power to maintain the desired temperature.

Gensets (Undermount)

For on-the-go power supply, we offer undermount generator sets. These generators are securely fastened to the truck’s container chassis and are specifically designed to power refrigerated containers.

Used Shipping Containers in Savannah

If you’re working with a limited budget or prefer a more cost-effective option, our used shipping containers are a great choice. Despite being previously used, these containers are made from durable materials and can remain in excellent condition even after repeated use. Purchasing a used container allows you to make modifications and customize it to suit your specific needs. At Pelican Containers, we offer used containers in various conditions, from immaculate to those with minor damage. Here are some of the benefits of choosing used containers:


Used containers are generally more affordable compared to new ones. By opting for a used container, you can save money without compromising on quality. This makes them an attractive option for businesses or individuals with budget constraints.


Used containers provide a blank canvas for customization. You can modify the container to create the perfect storage solution for your specific needs. Whether you need additional doors, windows, insulation, or shelving, a used container can be transformed to meet your requirements.


Choosing a used container is an environmentally friendly choice. By giving a second life to a previously used container, you are contributing to the reduction of waste and the conservation of resources.


Used containers can be utilized for a wide range of purposes. From storage units to pop-up shops, offices, or even tiny homes, the possibilities are endless. With some creativity and customization, a used container can be transformed into a functional space that meets your unique needs.

How to Buy a Shipping Container in Savannah, Georgia

Purchasing a shipping container in Savannah, Georgia, is a straightforward process with On-Site Storage Solutions. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the buying process:

Step 1: Determine Your Purpose

Before purchasing a shipping container, it’s important to identify your specific needs and how you plan to use the container. Are you looking for additional storage space, a mobile office, or a customized living space? Knowing your purpose will help you determine the container size, condition, and configuration that best suits your requirements.

Step 2: Select the Container Size

On-Site Storage Solutions offers a variety of container sizes, ranging from 20 ft to 45 ft. Consider the amount of space you need and the dimensions of the items you plan to store or transport. If you’re unsure, our container experts can provide guidance to help you choose the right size.

Step 3: Choose the Container Condition

Decide whether you want a new or used container. New containers are in pristine condition and have only been used once, while used containers offer a more cost-effective option. Consider your budget and the level of customization you require when making your decision.

Step 4: Leave a Request

Once you have determined the size and condition of the container you need, leave a request on our website or give us a call at (888) 667-4834. Our container experts will provide you with a detailed description of the price and delivery terms based on your specifications.

Step 5: Visit Our Warehouse (Optional)

If you prefer to inspect the container before purchasing, you can visit our warehouse in Savannah. Our team will guide you through the available options and help you find the container that best fits your needs.

Step 6: Arrange the Deal

Once you have selected your container, our sales team will work with you to finalize the purchase. We offer secure online payment options for your convenience. Rest assured that our transactions are safe and reliable. shipping container for sale savannah

Step 7: Container Delivery

After the deal is finalized, we will arrange the delivery of your container to your desired location in Savannah, Georgia. Our delivery service is prompt and reliable, ensuring that your container arrives on time and in good condition. shipping container for sale savannah

We Serve All 50 U.S. States and Canada

On-Site Storage Solutions is proud to serve customers across the United States and Canada. Whether you’re located in Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, or Vancouver, we can deliver the right container to your doorstep. Our wide network of trusted vendors ensures that we can meet even the strictest deadlines. shipping container for sale savannah

What People Say About Us

At On-Site Storage Solutions, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about their experience with us:

“They delivered the containers on time and in good condition. Thanks for the service.” – Carol Wood

“Onsite Storage provided me with the solution I needed. I will recommend them every day!” – Kaiden Perry

“We bought 2 containers from them. They have been very helpful from inquiry to delivery. I recommend them if you don’t have much knowledge about containers.” – Maxwell Hughes

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export a shipping container to Savannah?

To export a shipping container, you can seek the assistance of a freight forwarder. These professionals can help you coordinate the shipment and handle the necessary paperwork. Once you have arranged the export, contact our operator and discuss the conditions for exporting your container with us. shipping container for sale savannah

What items should I avoid storing in a shipping container?

While shipping containers are versatile and can accommodate a wide range of items, there are a few things you should avoid storing. Flammable and toxic products such as batteries, aerosols, household cleaners and solvents, fireworks, and various chemicals should not be stored in containers. Additionally, perishable items or items that require specific temperature control should be stored in refrigerated containers. shipping container for sale savannah

How do I buy a shipping container in Savannah, Georgia?

To buy a shipping container in Savannah, Georgia, follow these steps:

  1. Determine your purpose and requirements for the container.
  2. Select the appropriate size and condition of the container.
  3. Leave a request on our website or contact us at (888) 667-4834.
  4. Our container experts will provide you with pricing and delivery information.
  5. If desired, visit our warehouse to inspect the container.
  6. Finalize the purchase and arrange for secure online payment.
  7. We will deliver the container to your desired location in Savannah.

Container Buyer’s Guide

Finally, For a comprehensive guide on buying shipping containers, check out our Container Buyer’s Guide. This guide covers everything from selecting the right container size to preparing your site for delivery. It will help you avoid common pitfalls and make an informed decision when purchasing a shipping container. shipping container for sale savannah


Lastly, When it comes to finding the perfect storage solution in Savannah, Georgia, On-Site Storage Solutions is your go-to provider. Whether you need a new or used shipping container, we offer a wide selection to meet your specific needs. Our commitment to quality, affordability, and excellent customer service sets us apart from the competition. Contact us today to buy your ideal shipping container in Savannah, GA!