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All You Need to Know About Renting Storage Containers Near You

containers for rent near me

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‍containers for rent near me
Firstly, Are you in need of additional storage space for your business or personal belongings? Renting a storage container could be the perfect solution for you. Storage containers are durable, secure, and spacious, making them an ideal choice for various industries, including construction and farming. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about renting storage containers near you, including their features, specifications, delivery service, and frequently asked questions.

Features of Renting Storage Containers

Secondly, When it comes to renting storage containers, there are several features that you should consider. These features ensure the safety, convenience, and versatility of the containers, making them suitable for a wide range of storage needs. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features:

1. High Security Lockbox

Thirdly, The security of your stored items is of utmost importance. To provide an additional layer of protection, storage containers come equipped with a high security lockbox. This lockbox completely covers the padlock shackle, making it resistant to bolt cutters and other tools. Made from heavy-duty corrugated steel, the lockbox is welded directly onto the container door, ensuring secure storage.

2. Corten Steel Construction

Fourthly, Storage containers are made from high-quality corten steel, which offers excellent durability and weather resistance. Corten steel is weldable and rust-resistant, making it the optimal material for the safe storage of goods. With 14 gauge corrugated sheet walls and a 7 gauge tubular steel frame, these containers are built to withstand the elements and protect your belongings.

3. Secure Closing Cargo Doors with Locking Rods

Lastly, The cargo doors of storage containers are designed to provide a tight and protective seal. Equipped with locking rods, these doors engage at multiple points of contact along the top and bottom of the container, ensuring easy access, weather resistance, and leak-proof storage. Additionally, they are compatible with a cargo door lock for enhanced security.

4. Wall Tie Down Steel Lashing Rings

For efficient organization and customization of your storage space, storage containers are equipped with wall tie down steel lashing rings. These rings, with a load capacity of 4,000 lbs each, allow for the installation of shelving and secure tie-down of your items. They provide flexibility and convenience in managing your stored belongings.

5. Corner Castings

All storage containers for rent come standard with corner castings, which serve multiple purposes. These castings allow for stacking of containers, lifting with a crane, and absorb the weight of the container. They enhance the structural integrity and versatility of the containers, making them suitable for various storage needs.

6. Bamboo or Original Plywood Flooring

The flooring of storage containers is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, furniture, and falling objects. Depending on your preference, you can choose between original plywood or environmentally friendly bamboo flooring. Both options are incredibly durable and provide a solid base for your stored items.

7. Two-way Forklift Pockets

For easy mobility around the job site, storage containers are equipped with two-way forklift pockets. These pockets are conveniently placed and can be moved with a forklift with a capacity of at least 15,000 lbs. They allow for efficient transportation and positioning of the containers as per your requirements.

Specifications of Renting Storage Containers

Before renting a storage container, it is important to understand its specifications. These specifications determine the size, weight, and capacity of the container, ensuring that it meets your storage needs. Let’s delve into the specifications of a standard 40ft storage container:

External DimensionsLength: 40ft (12.19 m) Width: 8ft (2.44 m) Height: 8ft 6 in. (2.62 m)
Internal DimensionsLength: 39ft (11.96 m) Width: 7ft 8 in. (2.34 m) Height: 7ft 10 in. (2.38 m)
Tare Weight8,060 lbs (3,655 kgs)
Payload59,140 lbs (26,825 kgs)
Gross Weight67,200 lbs (30,480 kgs)

With these dimensions and weight capacities, a 40ft storage container provides ample storage space for a wide range of items.

Delivery Service for Renting Storage Containers

When you rent a storage container, you can expect a convenient delivery service that brings the container directly to your desired location. Here are some important details about the delivery process:


Before scheduling a delivery, ensure that your location meets the following clearance requirements:

  • Horizontal Clearance: 120ft
  • Height Clearance: 16ft
  • Width Clearance: 10ft

These clearances are necessary for the successful delivery of the container using a pickup truck and a 40ft Tilt-Bed trailer. containers for rent near me

Door Location

When placing your order, you can specify the direction in which you want the container doors to face at your location. This determines whether the container will be loaded with the doors facing the cab or the rear of the truck. On the day of delivery, the driver will back up to the chosen location and slide the container onto the ground. containers for rent near me

Ground Preparation

To ensure a smooth delivery, it is essential to prepare the ground at the drop location. Tilt-Bed trucks and trailers are heavy and require compact and dry ground to prevent getting stuck. If the location is not already dry, compact, and level, laying down gravel, cement, or pavement is a common solution. Additionally, support all four corners of the container with wood blocks to ensure its level placement.

Obstruction Removal

Before the delivery, make sure to remove any obstacles that may prevent the truck from reaching the drop location. This includes low hanging tree branches, low power lines, or any overhangs that could hinder the truck’s movement. If there are any specific obstacles or concerns, communicate them to the Conexwest dispatch team in advance. containers for rent near me

Moving the Storage Container

Renting a 40ft storage container provides you with a versatile mobile storage unit that can be moved around your job site as needed. There are two different methods to move the container:

  1. 15,000 lbs Capacity Forklift with 8ft Long Forks: This is the recommended method for lifting the container completely off the ground. The 15,000 lbs load capacity ensures secure lifting, while the 8ft long forks provide the necessary length to prevent tipping over. If a 15,000 lbs forklift is not available, a regular 5,000 lbs warehouse forklift can lift the container by one end and drag it, although this is not the preferred method.
  2. Pickup and Return: Time slots for pickup and return are coordinated with you, typically during the first or second part of the day from Monday to Saturday. Coordinate the specific time slots with the rental provider for a hassle-free pickup and return process.

Damages and Charges

While minor damages such as scratches or dents that occur during loading, unloading, or normal usage are not charged, certain damages may incur charges. Misuse or incorrect transportation methods that result in holes, broken windows/doors, latches, overspray, floor damages, or graffiti may be subject to assessment and corresponding charges. It is important to handle the rented storage container with care to avoid any unnecessary charges. containers for rent near me

For any further questions or clarifications regarding damages, pickup, or return, contact the rental provider directly at (855) 878-5233 x 6 or [email protected]

With a comprehensive understanding of the features, specifications, delivery service, and potential charges, you are now well-equipped to rent a storage container that suits your specific storage needs. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage solutions, renting a storage container near you offers a secure and flexible option to store your belongings. Contact your local rental provider today and explore the convenience and benefits of renting a storage container.