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containers for sale The Ultimate Guide to Buying Shipping Containers

containers for sale

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‍containers for sale
Firstly, Shipping containers have become a popular choice for individuals and businesses in need of versatile, weatherproof, and secure storage solutions. Whether you’re looking for a temporary storage unit or a permanent structure, shipping containers offer a wide range of options to suit your needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about buying shipping containers, from the different types available to the customization options and delivery services offered by reputable suppliers like Conexwest.

Why Choose Shipping Containers?

Secondly, Shipping containers have gained popularity due to their durability, security, and affordability. These containers are built to withstand the harsh conditions of ocean shipping, making them suitable for every environment. Here are some key reasons why you should consider buying a shipping container:

  1. Versatility: Shipping containers can be used for a variety of purposes, including storage units, job-site offices, trade show booths, living spaces, and even restaurants.
  2. Durability: Made from high-quality steel, shipping containers are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring that your belongings are protected from the elements.
  3. Security: Shipping containers are built with strong locks and sturdy doors, providing excellent security for your stored items.
  4. Cost-effective: Purchasing a shipping container is often more cost-effective than renting a storage unit in the long run.

Now that we understand the advantages of shipping containers, let’s delve into the different types available on the market.

Types of Shipping Containers

Thirdly, When buying a shipping container, it’s important to consider your specific needs and requirements. Here are the different types of shipping containers you can choose from:

  1. Standard Containers: These are the most common type of shipping containers, available in sizes ranging from 10′ to 45′ in length. Standard containers are suitable for general storage purposes.
  2. Insulated Containers: If you need to store temperature-sensitive items, such as perishable goods or electronics, insulated containers are the ideal choice. These containers are designed to maintain a consistent temperature, protecting your goods from extreme heat or cold.
  3. Refrigerated Containers: Also known as “reefers,” refrigerated containers are equipped with a cooling system to keep your goods at a specific temperature. These containers are commonly used for transporting perishable goods over long distances.
  4. Freezer Containers: Similar to refrigerated containers, freezer containers are designed to store items at sub-zero temperatures. These containers are commonly used in the food industry to transport frozen goods.
  5. Office Containers: If you need a mobile office space or a job-site office, office containers provide a convenient solution. These containers are equipped with all the necessary amenities, including HVAC systems, electrical power, and windows.
  6. Custom Containers: If none of the standard options meet your requirements, you can opt for custom containers. These containers can be modified to include additional features such as specialty doors, customized paint, and unique layouts.

Now that you have a better understanding of the different types of shipping containers available, let’s explore the purchasing process and the services offered by reputable suppliers.

The Purchasing Process

Fourthly, When buying a shipping container, it’s essential to find a trusted supplier that offers a wide selection of containers and reliable services. One such supplier is Conexwest, a US-based business that specializes in shipping containers for sale. Conexwest offers a comprehensive selection of containers in various sizes and configurations to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

To begin the purchasing process, you can request a quote from Conexwest by submitting your details through their web form. Their up-front and transparent pricing ensures that you have a clear understanding of the costs involved.

Container Conditions

Lastly, Conexwest offers containers in different conditions to cater to the varying needs of their customers. Here are the different container conditions available:

  1. “One Trip” Containers: These containers are shipped from Asia with a single cargo load and are considered to be in “new” or “like new” condition. If appearance and longevity are your top priorities, “one trip” containers are the ideal choice.
  2. Used Cargo Worthy Containers: These containers are certified for global transport based on their condition, including the doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. While they may have some dents, rust, or corroded paint, they are still leakproof and suitable for storage purposes.
  3. Refurbished Cargo Worthy Containers: Similar to used cargo worthy containers, refurbished containers are also certified for global transport. However, they have undergone additional refurbishment processes, including sanding, rust removal, and a new coat of primer and paint. These containers are also leakproof and offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

It’s important to note that Conexwest does not sell containers in “AS-IS” or “Wind Water Tight” (WWT) condition due to the risk of structural integrity.

Customization and Fabrication Services

Finally, Conexwest offers a one-stop-shop for all your shipping container needs. In addition to providing a wide selection of containers, they also offer comprehensive fabrication services to customize and enhance your storage unit. From adding windows and HVAC systems to installing specialty doors and customized paint, Conexwest can transform your container to suit your specific requirements.

Their team of highly-skilled technicians and fabricators are experienced in container modifications and receive continual training on the latest container trends and technology. Whether you’re looking to create a branded trade show booth or a restaurant by the sea, Conexwest can bring your vision to life.

To request a custom fabrication quote, simply submit your details through their web form, and their team will provide you with a competitive price.

Warranty and Customer Service

Furthermore, Conexwest stands behind the quality and durability of their containers. They offer a warranty coverage period for new ISO shipping containers for ten years from the date of purchase. Used cargo worthy ISO shipping containers come with a warranty coverage period of five years. During the warranty period, Conexwest will repair or replace any defective parts or units at no charge, provided that the defects are due to improper material or workmanship under normal use and maintenance.

In addition to their warranty, Conexwest is committed to providing reliable customer service. They offer delivery services to ensure that your container is safely transported to your desired location. Their dedicated team will work with you to plan and schedule the delivery, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

To request a delivery quote, simply provide your delivery zip code and unit details through their web form. The dispatcher will call the site contact 24 hours in advance to confirm the delivery window, and the truck driver will provide a 30-minute delivery window on the day of delivery.

Contacting Conexwest

If you have any questions or need assistance with your container purchase, you can reach out to Conexwest by phone at (855) 878-5233 or by email at [email protected]. Their customer service team is always ready to help and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Locations and Recent Customers

Conexwest delivers a complete inventory of cargo containers for sale nationwide. You can use their interactive map to discover shipping containers for sale near you. Their extensive network ensures cost-effective units, high-quality service, and direct delivery in your area.

Conexwest has a diverse range of customers, from individuals to Fortune 100 companies. Their containers are used in various industries, including construction, residential and commercial storage, supermarkets and grocery stores, parks and recreation facilities, retail stores, schools, festivals and events, warehousing, and state and federal departments. containers for sale


In conclusion, buying a shipping container is a practical and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses in need of versatile and secure storage options. With a wide range of container types, customization options, and reliable delivery services offered by reputable suppliers like Conexwest, you can find the perfect container to meet your specific requirements.

Remember to consider factors such as container conditions, customization options, and warranty coverage when making your purchase. By choosing a trusted supplier and taking advantage of their expertise and services, you can ensure a smooth and successful container buying experience.

Whether you need a temporary storage unit, a mobile office, or a unique structure for your business, a shipping container can provide the flexibility and security you need. Begin your search for the perfect shipping container today and unlock a world of possibilities for your storage needs.