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shipping containers for sale el paso The Ultimate Guide to Buying Shipping Containers in El Paso, Texas

shipping containers for sale el paso

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shipping containers for sale el paso

Are you looking for shipping containers for sale in El Paso, Texas? Look no further! Shipping containers have become incredibly versatile, finding applications as storage units, restaurants, stores, and even homes. At Container One, we are committed to empowering your vision and creativity by providing top-quality shipping containers at the lowest prices. With our five-year structural guarantee, we are the leading supplier in El Paso and cater to both residential and commercial customers. Whether you reside in Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, or any other town near El Paso, Container One can fulfill all your container needs, even in unpredictable winter weather.

The Convenience of Buying Shipping Containers from Pelican Containers

Pelican Containers is another reputable company that offers a convenient solution for buying shipping containers in El Paso, Texas. With offices in multiple states across the United States, Pelican Containers makes it easy for you to purchase new or used containers, chassis, and gensets in a size that suits your requirements. They provide quick delivery, allowing you to receive your container within a few days. You can choose to visit their office, send an email, leave a request on their website, or simply give them a call to buy shipping containers in El Paso.

Ordering Shipping Containers from Pelican Containers

When purchasing shipping containers from Pelican Containers, you have the option to buy new or used containers in various sizes and configurations. Their extensive range includes containers with double doors, open sides, open tops, and even 45 ft open side containers, which are ideal for building partitions and storing multiple types of objects. Additionally, Pelican Containers offers 45 ft flat rack containers, 45 ft high cube containers, and 45 ft standard containers, providing you with ample choices for your specific needs. If you require smaller containers, they also offer 20 ft open top containers, 20 ft side open containers, 20 ft flat rack containers, and 20 ft standard containers.

Advantages of Buying Used Shipping Containers

Used shipping containers can be a cost-effective option for both personal and commercial purposes. Despite being previously used to transport goods worldwide, these containers are made of durable and hard-wearing materials, allowing them to remain in excellent condition. At Pelican Containers, you can find used containers for sale in El Paso, ranging from those in immaculate condition to those with minor damage. These containers offer the flexibility to be modified according to your requirements, making them a versatile choice for various applications.

The Purchase Process Made Easy

Pelican Containers strives to provide a hassle-free purchase experience. Their easy three-step process ensures a quick and efficient transaction. Firstly, you select the container size you are interested in. Secondly, you choose the condition and configuration that fits your needs. Finally, you leave a request, and Pelican Containers will provide you with a detailed description of the price and delivery terms. This straightforward process makes buying shipping containers a breeze.

Why Choose Pelican Containers?

Pelican Containers has been a trusted nationwide supplier of new and used containers in the United States for five years. They offer a guarantee of quality with each purchase and have a wide variety of containers to choose from. Their customer-centric policies ensure that you receive the best service and support throughout your buying process. As a verified seller, Pelican Containers provides timely updates and secure online payment options for your convenience. Additionally, their 24/7/365 helpline ensures that you can reach out to them whenever you need assistance. With phishing protection and the best rates in the market, Pelican Containers guarantees a hassle-free delivery and complete customer satisfaction.

Delivery All Over El Paso

Pelican Containers has a well-established warehouse in El Paso, allowing them to supply shipping containers all over the city and its surrounding areas. Thanks to their extensive network of trusted vendors, they can deliver containers to you even with the strictest deadlines. Whether you need a container for a residential or commercial project, Pelican Containers has you covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I export my container to El Paso?

To export a shipping container, you can seek the assistance of a freight forwarder who will help you coordinate the shipment. Once you have done so, you can contact Pelican Containers and discuss the conditions for exporting your container with their team.

What items should I avoid storing in a shipping container?

While shipping containers can store a wide variety of items, it is important to avoid storing flammable and toxic products such as batteries, aerosols, household cleaners and solvents, fireworks, and various chemicals. These items can pose a safety risk and should be stored appropriately elsewhere.

How can I buy a shipping container in El Paso, Texas?

To buy a shipping container in El Paso, first determine the purpose for which you need the container. Then, choose the appropriate size and condition that meets your requirements. Leave an application with Pelican Containers, and once approved, you can visit their warehouse in El Paso to carefully examine the selected container. Pelican Containers will arrange the deal with you and ensure that the container is delivered to your location.

Container Buyer’s Guide

If you are considering buying a shipping container in El Paso, it is essential to have the right knowledge and guidance. Pelican Containers offers a comprehensive Container Buyer’s Guide that will help you navigate the buying process with ease. From selecting the right container to preparing your site for delivery, this guide covers all aspects to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

Take advantage of the convenience and reliability offered by Pelican Containers and Container One when buying shipping containers in El Paso, Texas. With their wide selection, competitive prices, and commitment to quality, you can trust them to fulfill all your container needs. Start exploring the possibilities today and bring your vision to life with a shipping container.