side open storage containers The Versatility of Open-Sided Storage Containers

side open storage containers

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Open-Sided Storage Containers

side open storage containers

Open-sided storage containers offer a convenient and versatile solution for businesses and organizations that require special access to load and unload their containers from the side. Unlike traditional containers with only standard doors at one end, open-sided containers feature accordion closet doors that can partially or fully open the entire side section of the container. In this article, we will explore the dimensions, uses, delivery options, and lifespan of open-sided storage containers.

Dimensions of Open-Sided Containers

Open-sided storage containers are available in two sizes: 20′ and 40′ high-cube. The 20′ open-sided container, also known as 20’OS, has side doors that open in approximately 5′ sections, allowing you to choose between opening 5′, 10′, 15′, or the full 20′ side section. With multiple forklift pockets, these containers are easy to maneuver without causing damage.

On the other hand, the 40′ high-cube open-sided containers (40HCOS) are the longest and tallest options available. These units provide partial or full access to the entire length of the container. Designed to open in 10′ door sections, they offer flexibility in accessing 10′, 20′, 30′, or the entire 40′ length of the side.

Here are the dimensions of both types of open-sided containers:

20′ Open-Sided Container

Exterior MeasurementInterior Measurement
Length: 19′ 10″ 1/2Length: 19′ 4″ 13/64
Width: 8′ 0″Width: 7′ 6″ 3/64
Height: 8′ 6″Height: 7′ 6″ 33/64

40′ High-Cube Open-Sided Container

Exterior MeasurementInterior Measurement
Length: 40′Length: 39′ 5″
Width: 8′ 0″Width: 7′ 5″
Height: 9′ 6″Height: 8′ 1/2″

Uses for Open-Sided Storage Containers

Open-sided storage containers are highly sought after by businesses, governmental organizations, and the military due to their unique access capabilities. These containers are particularly useful for storing snow plows, wide products that exceed 7′ in width, or in locations where access from the container ends is limited. The open-sided design offers convenience, versatility, and ease of loading and unloading.

Delivery Options for Open-Sided Containers

Regardless of whether you choose to buy or lease an open-sided container, MC Containers offers various delivery methods to suit your needs. Here are the different container delivery options available:

Chassis / CPT (Carriage Paid To)

Chassis delivery involves transporting your container on a container chassis to your desired destination. However, this method does not include unloading the container from the chassis. If you decide to purchase a container, it will be your responsibility to arrange for a crane or similar machinery to offload it. Chassis delivery is the most common method in Europe due to the availability of trucks and cost-effectiveness.

On Ground / DAP (Delivered At Place)

On Ground delivery is performed using a truck equipped with its own equipment to drop the container to the ground. This method typically utilizes a side loader or a truck with a crane for unloading. The standard delivery price includes 30-45 minutes of unloading time per container, with any additional time billed at an hourly rate. If you don’t have access to a crane or cannot organize one, this is the best and only option for you.

FOT DEPOT / FCA (Free Carrier)

FOT DEPOT, which stands for Free on Truck in depot, requires the buyer to arrange for pickup from the chosen container depot. The seller will facilitate lifting the container onto the chassis in the container depot, eliminating the need for a crane or side loader during pickup.

Financial Lease for Open-Sided Containers

If the upfront cost of purchasing a container is beyond your budget, MC Containers offers a flexible financial lease service in partnership with our trusted partner. This option allows you to buy containers through a financial lease plan, which enables fast delivery with minimal capital investment. Please note that this payment type is only available to clients with a European VAT ID.

Lifespan of Open-Sided Containers

Shipping containers, including open-sided ones, are constructed using durable corten steel, making them capable of withstanding extreme conditions such as wind, water, fire, ice, salt, and sun exposure. Typically, shipping containers are used for shipping purposes for a period of 5-14 years. After being released from shipping service, they find new life as storage containers or are repurposed for various applications, including modified container units for food and offices.

With proper care and maintenance, a used shipping container can be utilized as a storage container for up to 10 years. Regular maintenance, such as painting, patching holes, changing seals, and fixing the floor, can extend the lifespan of the container. New shipping containers from China can last up to 30 years when used for storage, provided they receive proper care.


Open-sided storage containers offer a practical solution for businesses and organizations that require side access for loading and unloading. With their unique accordion closet doors, these containers provide versatility and convenience, allowing you to open either a specific section or the entire side of the container. Whether you choose a 20′ or 40′ high-cube option, these containers are designed to withstand harsh conditions and can be used for shipping or storage purposes. MC Containers offers a range of delivery options, including chassis delivery, on-ground delivery, and FOT DEPOT, to ensure your container reaches its destination. If purchasing outright is not within your budget, the financial lease option provides an alternative for acquiring an open-sided container. By choosing open-sided storage containers, you gain access to a versatile and durable storage solution that meets your unique needs.