shipping containers used for sale The Ultimate Guide to Buying Used Shipping Containers

shipping containers used for sale

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## Introduction

shipping containers used for sale

Are you in need of an affordable storage solution? Look no further than used shipping containers. These versatile and durable containers can be a cost-effective option for your storage needs. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about buying used shipping containers. From understanding the different grades and conditions to considering delivery options and financing, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and explore the world of used shipping containers!

1. Understanding As-Is Containers

If you’re on a tight budget, an As-Is container may be the right choice for you. As-Is containers are the lowest-grade shipping containers available. They are sold in their current condition, without any repairs or modifications. It’s important to note that these containers are graded as-is because they have some level of damage, which may include floor issues, holes, heavy rust, dents, or structural problems. However, they can still serve as a viable storage solution, depending on your specific needs.

Before making a purchase, it’s advisable to request details and pictures of the containers to assess the extent of the damage. Keep in mind that as-is containers are sold “As Is” with no warranty, so careful consideration is necessary. While they may not be in pristine condition, these containers offer a more affordable option for general storage purposes.

2. External and Internal Dimensions

Used shipping containers come in various sizes, with the 40-foot container being one of the most popular options. The external dimensions of a standard 40-foot container are 40 feet in length, 8 feet in width, and 8 feet 6 inches in height. On the other hand, the internal dimensions measure approximately 39 feet 5 inches in length, 7 feet 8 inches in width, and 7 feet 9 inches in height. These dimensions provide ample space for storing a wide range of items.

3. Delivery Considerations

When purchasing a used shipping container, it’s essential to consider the delivery process. These containers are large and heavy, typically weighing over 45,000 pounds. To ensure a smooth delivery, several factors should be checked. Firstly, verify that the delivery truck is capable of handling the weight of the container. Secondly, ensure that the delivery site has sufficient space for the truck to maneuver and unload the container safely. By addressing these considerations, you can ensure a hassle-free delivery experience.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

Buying a used shipping container is a significant investment, and it’s natural to have some reservations. However, when you purchase from a reputable supplier, you can buy with confidence, knowing that they offer a money-back guarantee. If for any reason you decide that the container you ordered is not suitable upon arrival, you can have the driver return the container, and a full refund will be issued, excluding the cost of shipping. This guarantee provides peace of mind and allows you to make an informed decision without any financial risk.

5. Rent-To-Own Option

If you’re not ready to make a full purchase upfront, consider the rent-to-own option. This financing solution allows you to rent the container with the option to own it in the future. The rent-to-own option is available to everyone, as no credit check is required. With flexible terms ranging from month-to-month to 48 months, you can choose a payment plan that suits your budget. Additionally, there is a discount on long-term rentals, enabling you to save money if you plan to use the container for an extended period. It’s a convenient and affordable way to acquire a shipping container without a large upfront payment.

6. Purchase Financing

If you prefer to own the container outright but need a lower monthly rate, purchase financing is a viable option. This financing solution requires a FICA score above 550. By opting for purchase financing, you can enjoy instant pricing and affordable rates. Choose from month-to-month, 3+ months, 6+ months, or 12+ months payment terms. Payments can be made via autopay, check, ACH, money order, or through an online portal for added convenience. No credit check is required, making it accessible to a wider range of buyers. With purchase financing, you can own the container while managing your budget effectively.

7. Delivery Options

When it comes to delivery, there are two common options: tilt bed delivery and flatbed delivery. Tilt bed delivery involves using a specialized tilted trailer or rollback tow truck to unload the container to the ground. One end of the container is lowered, allowing it to slide onto the ground safely. On the other hand, flatbed delivery requires the customer to have equipment capable of lifting the entire container off the trailer and lowering it to the ground. Both options have their advantages, and the choice depends on your specific requirements and available resources.

8. Tax Exemption

If you believe you might be eligible for tax exemption, it’s essential to explore this option. Many suppliers provide a tax exemption form that can be easily filled out to determine eligibility. After submission, the supplier will review the request within one business day and inform you if you qualify for sales tax exemption. Taking advantage of tax exemption can significantly reduce the overall cost of purchasing a used shipping container. shipping containers used for sale

9. Product Features and Specifications

Used shipping containers come with various features and specifications that make them suitable for different purposes. Some containers are classified as High Cube, offering additional height of 9 feet 6 inches, compared to the standard 8 feet 6 inches. Others are labeled Cargo Worthy or IICL, indicating their suitability for international shipping. It’s crucial to understand these designations and choose the container that best fits your intended use. Carefully review the product features and specifications before making a decision. shipping containers used for sale

10. Customer Reviews

When considering purchasing a used shipping container, it’s helpful to read customer reviews. These reviews provide insights into the buying experience, delivery process, and the overall satisfaction of previous customers. Positive reviews indicate a reputable supplier with excellent customer service and high-quality products. Look for reviews that highlight fast delivery, good condition of the containers, and competitive pricing. A supplier with a track record of happy customers is more likely to provide a positive buying experience. shipping containers used for sale

11. Serving All Locations

Whether you’re located in the United States or Canada, rest assured that used shipping containers are available nationwide. Suppliers have distribution centers in major cities, including Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, and St. Louis, among others. This extensive network ensures quick delivery and lower costs, as the container can be sourced from a location near you. Wherever you are, there’s a high chance that a used shipping container can be delivered to your doorstep.

12. Conclusion

Used shipping containers offer an affordable and versatile storage solution for a wide range of needs. By understanding the different grades, dimensions, delivery options, and financing choices, you can make an informed decision. Take advantage of the money-back guarantee, rent-to-own and purchase financing options, and explore tax exemption possibilities. With careful consideration and research, you can find the perfect used shipping container to meet your storage requirements. So, start exploring the market, comparing prices, and choose a reputable supplier to embark on your journey with used shipping containers.