Shipping Container Trailers: Revolutionizing Container Transportation

shipping containers trailers

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shipping containers trailers

Shipping containers have become the backbone of global trade, providing a secure and efficient means of transporting goods across continents. As the demand for container transportation increases, so does the need for innovative solutions to streamline the loading and unloading process. In this article, we will explore the revolutionary capabilities of shipping container trailers and how they are transforming the logistics industry.

The Versatile ContainGo Mobilizer

One of the most versatile shipping container trailers available in the market is the ContainGo Mobilizer. Made in the U.S.A, this trailer allows for the quick and easy loading and offloading of 20-foot shipping containers in 10 minutes or less. With its Side-Shift system, it provides access to hard-to-reach containers without the need for a crane or top loader.

The ContainGo Mobilizer container lifting trailer is designed to safely handle shipping containers weighing up to 17,000 pounds. It offers precision placement within one-inch and requires less than 25 feet of forward clearance. This means that even in tight spaces, the Mobilizer can maneuver with expert precision, making it an ideal choice for various industries and applications.

Efficient and Safe Container Relocation

Relocating containers has never been easier with the ContainGo Mobilizer. Whether you need to move containers on and off-site or access them without a heavy-duty forklift or crane, this trailer provides a convenient solution. It is especially useful when containers need to be loaded or offloaded at an angle or in situations where minimal forward access or clearance is available.

The Mobilizer’s Side-Shift, Lift Arm, and Trolley system enable operators to parallel park shipping containers between two cars on a crowded city street, demonstrating the trailer’s exceptional maneuverability. This level of flexibility and precision allows for efficient and safe container relocation, even in challenging environments.

Advantages for Various Industries

The ease and flexibility of the ContainGo Mobilizer trailer make it an advantageous tool for a wide range of industries. Portable storage companies that frequently move shipping containers can benefit from its quick and safe loading and offloading capabilities. Solo operators who need to relocate containers on and off-site can rely on the Mobilizer to streamline their operations.

Disaster relief agencies at the federal, state, and county level can also take advantage of the Mobilizer’s versatility. In emergency situations, the ability to quickly and safely load and offload containers can significantly aid in disaster response efforts. Additionally, industries utilizing the Flat Rack Equipment & Material Staging System can benefit from the ContainGo Mobilizer’s ability to handle various payloads.

Features and Specifications

The ContainGo Mobilizer container lifting trailer is equipped with a range of features to ensure efficient and secure container transportation. Some of the standard features include:

Add-ons and Accessories

To maximize the value and versatility of the Mobilizer trailer, a range of add-ons and accessories are available. These include the following:

Flat Rack Staging & Transport Platform

The ContainGo Flat Rack accessory allows for the staging and transportation of equipment and materials. By attaching the Flat Rack to the Mobilizer, users can expand the trailer’s capabilities beyond container transportation.

Container End Lift Kit & Wheels

For on-site container relocation, the Container End Lift Kit & Wheels system is an excellent addition. With this kit, containers weighing up to 14,000 pounds can be moved using a forklift, eliminating the need for additional tools or equipment.

Container Attachment Pins

Container Attachment Pins offer a convenient solution for attaching various items to shipping containers. Whether it’s tools, equipment panels, leveling jacks, cameras, or lights, these pins allow for quick and easy installation using the ISO pockets standard on all shipping containers.

Trailer Accessories

Additional or replacement accessories for the Mobilizer trailer can be obtained, including H-Blocks, Ratchet Hook Binders, and Guide Pins. These accessories ensure that the trailer is properly equipped for any transportation or securing needs. shipping containers trailers

Specifications and Options

The ContainGo Mobilizer container lifting trailer is available in two different configurations: Gooseneck and Pintle Hitch.

Gooseneck Trailer Specifications:

Pintle Hitch Trailer Specifications:


Shipping container trailers, such as the ContainGo Mobilizer, are revolutionizing the transportation and logistics industry. With their ability to quickly and safely load and offload containers, these trailers provide a versatile solution for various industries and applications. Whether it’s portable storage companies, solo operators, or disaster relief agencies, the Mobilizer offers efficiency, flexibility, and maneuverability. By investing in the ContainGo Mobilizer, businesses and organizations can enhance their container transportation capabilities and streamline their operations. shipping containers trailers