Everything You Need to Know About 20′ Shipping Containers

shipping containers 20

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## Introduction

shipping containers 20

Firstly, Shipping containers have become an essential part of the transportation and storage industry. Their versatility and durability make them an ideal choice for various purposes. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about 20′ shipping containers, their types, features, and applications. Whether you are considering purchasing or renting a container or simply curious about their uses, this article will provide you with all the essential information.

Types of 20′ Shipping Containers

1. 20′ Standard 1-Trip Shipping Container

Secondly, The 20′ standard 1-trip shipping container is a popular choice for many due to its excellent condition. These containers are manufactured overseas and shipped with cargo only once before being sold. They are wind and watertight, making them suitable for various transportation and storage needs.

2. 20′ Standard 1-Trip Double Door Shipping Container

Thirdly, For easy access and loading, the 20′ standard 1-trip double door shipping container is an excellent option. It features double doors on both ends, allowing for convenient entry and exit of goods. This type of container is commonly used in industries where quick loading and unloading are essential.

3. 20′ Standard 1-Trip Side Open Shipping Container

Fourthly, If you require easy access from the side, the 20′ standard 1-trip side open shipping container is the perfect choice. It features full-length side doors that provide a wide opening for loading and unloading bulky items. This type of container is commonly used in construction and event industries.

4. 20′ High Cube 1-Trip Shipping Container

When you need extra vertical space, the 20′ high cube 1-trip shipping container is the solution. It offers an additional foot of height compared to standard containers, providing more storage capacity. This type of container is ideal for transporting or storing oversized items.

5. 20′ Standard Premium Refurbished Shipping Container

For those seeking a cost-effective option without compromising on quality, the 20′ standard premium refurbished shipping container is a great choice. These containers undergo thorough inspection and refurbishment before being made available for sale. They are an excellent alternative to new containers, offering durability at a lower price.

6. 20′ Standard Basic Refurbished Shipping Container

The 20′ standard basic refurbished shipping container is another cost-effective option for those on a budget. While these containers may have a more basic refurbishment, they still provide secure storage and transportation capabilities. They are a popular choice for individuals or businesses with limited storage needs.

Storage and Transportation Solutions

1. 20′ Wind & Watertight Shipping Container

The 20′ wind & watertight shipping container is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and keep your goods safe and dry. These containers are suitable for both transportation and on-site storage. They provide a secure space to store your valuable items, protecting them from external elements.

2. 20′ Roll-Up Storage Container

When you require easy access to your stored items, the 20′ roll-up storage container is an excellent solution. It features a roll-up door system that allows for quick entry and exit. These containers are commonly used in businesses that require frequent access to their stored goods.

3. 20′ Vented Storage Container

If you need proper ventilation for your stored items, the 20′ vented storage container is the right choice. It is equipped with vents that promote airflow and prevent condensation build-up. These containers are commonly used for storing perishable items, chemicals, or goods that require ventilation.

4. 20′ Climate-Controlled Storage Container

When you need precise temperature and humidity control for your stored items, the 20′ climate-controlled storage container is the ideal solution. It is equipped with HVAC systems that can maintain a specific temperature range. These containers are commonly used for storing sensitive items such as electronics or artwork.

5. 20′ Sportsman’s Storage Container

For outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen, the 20′ sportsman’s storage container offers a secure and convenient storage solution. These containers are designed with features tailored to storing outdoor equipment, hunting gear, and sporting goods. They provide easy access and protection for your equipment while you are on the go.

6. 20′ ATV/Multi-Purpose Storage Container

The 20′ ATV/multi-purpose storage container is specifically designed for storing all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) and other bulky items. It features a wide entry point and ample space to accommodate your vehicles and equipment. These containers are commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts, construction companies, and off-road vehicle owners.


20′ shipping containers offer versatility, durability, and secure storage and transportation solutions for a wide range of industries and purposes. Whether you need a container for shipping goods, on-site storage, or specialized storage requirements, there is a 20′ container type that suits your needs. By understanding the different types and their features, you can make an informed decision when choosing the right container for your specific requirements. Invest in a 20′ shipping container and reap the benefits of a reliable and adaptable storage solution.