Shipping Containers for Sale in Seattle, WA: Your Complete Guide

shipping container for sale seattle

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shipping container for sale seattle

If you’re in the market for a shipping container in Seattle, Washington, you’re in luck. Western Container Sales offers a hassle-free experience, allowing you to buy or rent shipping containers online. No more dealing with pushy salespeople or filling out endless forms. With Western Container Sales, you can easily find the right shipping container for your needs, at a fair price, all from the comfort of your own home.

Why Choose Western Container Sales?

Unlike other companies, Western Container Sales believes in transparency. That’s why they provide their prices online for all to see. They source their shipping containers directly from global intermodal equipment providers, ensuring that you receive a high-quality container that won’t leak. In fact, Western Container Sales guarantees it.

Buying a Shipping Container

If you’re ready to buy a shipping container in Seattle, Western Container Sales makes the process simple. Start by using their shipping container calculator to select the size, condition, and door direction that meet your needs. Once you’ve made your selections, add them to your cart and proceed to the secure payment portal.

Before making your purchase, be sure to check out the sample photos of the containers. While all used containers will have some rust and dents, Western Container Sales guarantees that every container they sell is structurally sound. They even offer a three-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Renting a Steel Storage Container

If you’re not quite ready to commit to buying a shipping container, Western Container Sales also offers convenient rental options. Their steel storage container rentals start at just $145 per month, with a minimum rental period of three months. After the initial three months, the rental is month-to-month, allowing for flexibility.

When you rent a container from Western Container Sales, you can expect it to be delivered in 2-5 business days. Each container comes equipped with a secure lockbox, providing added security for your belongings.

Understanding Shipping Container Conditions

Used shipping containers come in various conditions, each with its own advantages and considerations. Western Container Sales offers three main conditions: One Trip, Cargo Worthy (CWO), and Wind & Water Tight (WWT).

One Trip Containers

One Trip containers are essentially new containers that have only made one trip across the ocean. They are in excellent condition, with minimal wear and tear. While they may come with a higher price tag, they offer the advantage of being almost new and aesthetically pleasing.

Cargo Worthy (CWO) Containers

Cargo Worthy containers have been deemed suitable for international shipping. While they may have some signs of wear, they are still structurally sound and meet the necessary standards for transporting cargo. These containers are a popular choice for those looking for a balance between quality and affordability.

Wind & Water Tight (WWT) Containers

Wind & Water Tight containers are still in good condition, but they may have some cosmetic imperfections. These containers are not suitable for international shipping but are ideal for storage purposes. If the appearance is not a priority for you, WWT containers offer a cost-effective solution.

How to Buy a Shipping Container in Seattle, Washington

If you’re unsure of how the buying process works, Western Container Sales has provided a helpful video guide that explains the entire process. Additionally, you can browse through their sample photos to get a better idea of what to expect.

To purchase a shipping container, use the shipping container calculator on their website to select the desired specifications. Choose the size, condition, and door direction that best suit your needs. Once you’ve made your selections, add them to your cart and proceed to the secure payment portal to complete your purchase.

Western Container Sales sources their containers directly from intermodal cargo circulation. By working with the largest intermodal container suppliers, they ensure that you’re not paying unnecessary middlemen fees. After placing your order, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and the next container that meets your criteria will be assigned to you.

Delivery and Pick-up Options

Western Container Sales offers both delivery and pick-up options for your convenience. If you choose pick-up, you can visit the nearest intermodal depot to collect your container. Please note that intermodal depot pick-up requires the appropriate equipment, so make sure you’re prepared.

For delivery, Western Container Sales will coordinate the logistics and arrange for a roll-off trailer to bring the container to your location. Delivery times may vary, but you can expect your container to be delivered within 4-7 business days.

Shipping Container Dimensions and Specifications

Shipping containers come in various sizes, each with its own set of dimensions and specifications. Western Container Sales provides detailed information on their website, allowing you to choose the container that best fits your needs.

The standardized specifications of shipping containers ensure that they can be handled at any port worldwide. From the manufacturer information on the CSC plate to the container identification number, every detail is standardized for seamless transportation.

Steel Storage Containers vs. PODS

When it comes to portable storage, PODS (Portable On Demand Storage) is a well-known name in the industry. However, there are some key differences between steel storage containers and PODS containers.

PODS containers are smaller and lighter, made from a combination of materials such as steel, fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic. They are designed to be moved while loaded. On the other hand, steel storage containers, like the ones offered by Western Container Sales, are larger and more heavy-duty. They are repurposed used shipping containers, offering a durable and secure storage solution.

While PODS now offers an all-steel 16 ft container, steel shipping containers remain a popular choice for those in need of larger storage capacity and extra durability.

Get a Discount with PODS

Although Western Container Sales focuses on selling and renting shipping containers, they have partnered with PODS to offer their customers a discount on moving and storage services. By using the provided link, you can enjoy a 10% discount with PODS.

Where to Find Shipping Containers near Seattle, WA

Western Container Sales delivers shipping containers within a 150-mile radius of Seattle, Washington. They work with local haulers to ensure timely and efficient delivery. However, please note that delivery beyond 150 miles for purchases or 75 miles for rentals may not be available.

Some of the cities included in their delivery range are Seattle, Bellevue, Renton, Kirkland, Bremerton, Tacoma, and more. For a full list of delivery cities and zip codes, you can refer to Western Container Sales’ website. shipping container for sale seattle


When it comes to buying or renting a shipping container in Seattle, Western Container Sales is the go-to source. Their transparent pricing, high-quality containers, and convenient online platform make the process easy and hassle-free. Whether you’re in need of extra storage space or looking for a unique project, Western Container Sales has the right container for you. Start exploring their website today and find the perfect shipping container in Seattle, Washington shipping container for sale seattlen.