InSoFast Shipping Container: Revolutionizing Architectural Solutions

insofast shipping container

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insofast shipping container

In the realm of architectural solutions, InSoFast has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the way shipping containers are transformed into functional spaces. With its innovative approach and cutting-edge products, InSoFast offers a seamless integration of insulation, framing, and finishing for shipping container conversions. This article will delve into the world of InSoFast shipping container applications, exploring the various possibilities and advantages it brings to the table. insofast shipping container

The InSoFast Advantage

Insulation Made Easy

Insulating shipping containers can be a daunting task, but InSoFast simplifies the process with its unique panel system. The UX 2.0 Flat Panel Details, available in various formats such as zip files, DXF, and PDF, provide comprehensive instructions on utilizing InSoFast panels for both interior and exterior applications. These panels not only offer excellent insulation but also act as a solid base for a range of finishing options, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient space.

Versatility in Design

With InSoFast, shipping container conversions are not limited to basic structures. The company offers an array of design options, from above-grade interiors to below-grade exteriors. Whether it’s a high R-value system, double InSoFast system, or integration with existing wood or steel framing, InSoFast has solutions for every architectural need. The detailed InSoFast Stud Details, available in DXF and PDF formats, provide a comprehensive guide to incorporating InSoFast panels into different design scenarios.

Structural Integrity

One of the key concerns when converting shipping containers is maintaining structural integrity. InSoFast addresses this by providing robust solutions for ceilings, exteriors, and basements. The InSoFast Architectural Submittal Sheets, available in PDF format, offer detailed insights into how InSoFast panels can be seamlessly integrated into different structural elements. From interior perimeter drainage to moisture reduction and soil gas removal systems, InSoFast ensures both functionality and durability.

Shipping Container Applications

Interior Transformations

InSoFast panels are a game-changer when it comes to transforming the interior of shipping containers. The Hollow Core Plank ceiling application, as detailed in the DXF format, showcases how InSoFast panels can be utilized for above-grade interior CMU structures. The High R-Value System (InSoFast PLUS), as depicted in DXF format, offers a comprehensive solution for achieving superior insulation in shipping container interiors. Additionally, the Over Existing Wood Framing and Over Existing Steel Framing options provide flexibility in design and retrofitting.

Exterior Enhancements

Shipping container exteriors can be transformed into visually appealing and weather-resistant structures with InSoFast’s solutions. The CMU Above-Grade Exterior to Frost Line, detailed in DXF and PDF formats, demonstrates how InSoFast panels can be integrated into above-grade exterior CMU structures. Whether it’s new construction or retrofitting, InSoFast offers solutions for wood-framed and steel-framed exteriors, as showcased in the respective DXF and PDF files. The Manufactured Stone Knee Wall option adds an aesthetically pleasing touch to shipping container exteriors.

Window and Door Integration

InSoFast doesn’t just focus on insulation and framing; it also offers solutions for integrating windows, doors, and openings into shipping container conversions. The Window CMU details, available in DXF and PDF formats, provide comprehensive instructions for different window installation scenarios. Whether it’s an inset retrofit, drywall return, or wood extension jamb and trim, InSoFast provides the necessary guidance. The Door CMU details, also available in DXF and PDF formats, offer similar insights for seamless door integration.

Electrical Wiring and Chases

When it comes to electrical wiring in shipping container conversions, InSoFast has got it covered. The Electrical Wiring Chases details, available in DXF and PDF formats, showcase how InSoFast panels can be utilized for concealing and organizing electrical wiring. These chases ensure a clean and efficient electrical system, eliminating the need for exposed wires and conduits. InSoFast ensures that functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand in shipping container conversions.


InSoFast has truly revolutionized the architectural landscape by providing innovative solutions for shipping container conversions. With its versatile panel system, comprehensive design options, and focus on structural integrity, InSoFast has become the go-to choice for architects and builders seeking efficient and sustainable solutions. The detailed reference articles and architectural submittal sheets provided by InSoFast offer a wealth of knowledge and guidance for achieving successful shipping container conversions. Embrace the InSoFast advantage and unlock the full potential of shipping containers in your architectural projects.

Additional Information: InSoFast panels are made from 100% recycled materials, making them an environmentally friendly choice for construction projects.

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