Shipping Container Homes in Los Angeles: Affordable and Sustainable Living

container homes for sale los angeles

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## Introduction

container homes for sale los angeles

Are you searching for an affordable and unique housing option in Los Angeles? Look no further than shipping container homes! These innovative homes have gained popularity due to their modern design and cost-effective construction. In this article, we will explore the benefits of choosing a shipping container home, discuss the average costs involved, and provide information on reputable builders in the Los Angeles area. Discover why a shipping container home might be the perfect choice for you.

What are Shipping Container Homes?

Shipping container homes are modern homes built using repurposed shipping containers, typically made of steel. These containers were initially used for transporting goods across the world but have now been transformed into unique and eco-friendly homes with creativity and skilled builders.

Why are Shipping Container Homes Popular?

Shipping container homes have become popular for several reasons. Firstly, they offer a more affordable housing option compared to traditional homes. By repurposing old shipping containers that would otherwise go to waste, these homes are also environmentally friendly.

Another appealing aspect of container homes is their versatility. They can be customized to fit various needs and styles, making them an excellent option for those seeking an innovative and sustainable housing solution.

Benefits of Shipping Container Homes in Los Angeles


One of the significant advantages of choosing a shipping container home in Los Angeles is cost-effectiveness. While the average cost of building a traditional home in LA is a staggering 1.35 million dollars, most container homes in California cost an average of $184,000. This makes them a much more affordable option, especially for those on a budget.

Choosing a shipping container home can help you save money and have more resources available for custom touches and features. With the extra funds, you can make your container home truly your own.


In addition to being cost-effective, shipping container homes are also sustainable. By repurposing shipping containers, you are giving them a new life instead of letting them contribute to waste. This eco-friendly approach aligns with the growing trend of sustainable living.

Furthermore, container homes can be designed with energy-efficient features, such as solar panels and insulation, to further reduce your environmental impact. By incorporating these elements, you can create a home that is not only stylish but also environmentally conscious.

Customization and Design Freedom

Building a shipping container home in Los Angeles offers you the opportunity for customization and design freedom. You have the ability to create a home that perfectly fits your needs and preferences.

Whether you want a cozy one-bedroom or a spacious family home, shipping containers can be transformed to suit your needs. You can also expand the square footage by adding multiple containers, giving you the freedom to create the space you need.

Living in a shipping container home in Los Angeles means embracing a unique and sustainable lifestyle. These homes are visually appealing and offer a fresh and contemporary look that fits well with the diverse and innovative architecture of the city.

Building a Shipping Container Home in Los Angeles

Working with Professional Builders

When it comes to building a shipping container home in Los Angeles, you have the option to build it yourself or work with professional builders. While building it yourself may seem like a cost-saving option, working with professional builders can provide guidance and ensure a smooth construction process.

Professional builders have experience and expertise in working with shipping containers. They can help you find the ideal storage container, handle the construction, and add the finishing touches to create your dream home. With their knowledge and skills, you can trust that your project will be handled with precision and care.

Selecting a Reputable Builder

Choosing the right builder is crucial for constructing a high-quality container home in Los Angeles. Here are key factors to consider when selecting a builder for your project:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Look for a builder who has experience in building container homes specifically. They should have a portfolio of past projects to showcase their expertise in designing and constructing container homes.
  2. Reputation and Reviews: Check online reviews and testimonials from past clients to get an idea of their reputation. Look for builders with positive feedback and a track record of delivering high-quality work.
  3. Compliance with Building Codes: Ensure that the builder is knowledgeable about and compliant with local building codes and regulations in Los Angeles. This will help you avoid any legal issues and ensure the safety and structural integrity of your container home.
  4. Customization Options: Consider your design preferences and requirements. Choose a builder who offers customization options to tailor the container home to your specific needs and style.
  5. Budget and Cost: Discuss your budget with the builder upfront and get detailed cost estimates for your container home project. Make sure there are no hidden costs or surprises during the construction process.
  6. Timeline and Project Management: Inquire about the builder’s estimated timeline for completing the project and their project management processes. Efficient project management will ensure a smooth and timely construction process.
  7. Sustainability and Energy Efficiency: If sustainability is important to you, ask the builder about their approach to energy efficiency and sustainability in container home construction. This may include using eco-friendly materials, incorporating renewable energy sources, and implementing efficient insulation and HVAC systems.
  8. Collaborative Design Process: Find out how involved you can be in the design process. A builder who encourages collaboration and accommodates your ideas and preferences will help create a container home that truly reflects your vision.
  9. Maintenance and Aftercare: Discuss the builder’s approach to maintenance and aftercare services. Understand how they handle any potential issues or repairs that may arise after the completion of the project.

Researching and selecting the right builder will ensure a successful container home construction process in Los Angeles.

Legalities and Regulations

Building and insuring a shipping container home in Los Angeles involves complying with specific regulations. In California, you can legally construct a shipping container home as a residential or accessory dwelling unit (ADU). However, there are regulations and building codes that you must follow.

To comply with the law, the cargo containers used for housing must meet height, setback, and lot coverage requirements for accessory structures. It is essential to ensure that your container building adheres to the California Energy Code, Accessibility Regulations of the Los Angeles Building Code, and the Los Angeles Green Code. You must also follow fire department regulations if applicable.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your shipping container home meets all relevant building codes and regulations. This ensures that you won’t encounter any legal issues down the road. Taking the time to understand and comply with these legalities will help you enjoy your container home with peace of mind.

Reputable Shipping Container Home Builders in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that embraces innovative and sustainable living solutions, making it the perfect place for building a shipping container home. Here are some reputable builders you can choose from:

  1. Living in a Container: Living in a Container is a boutique builder in Los Angeles that specializes in shipping container homes. They have experience constructing a variety of container homes, including one in downtown LA that was completed in just 48 hours. Their team of talented designers and builders has established a strong reputation in the Los Angeles area, making them an excellent choice for first-time homeowners looking for a unique living space.
  2. SteelBlox: SteelBlox specializes in crafting shipping container homes in Los Angeles, with a strong emphasis on design. Their passion lies in creating stunning structures that align with the mid-century modern style. If you appreciate the elegant simplicity and clean lines of this aesthetic, SteelBlox is the ideal builder for you.

Working with professional builders like Living in a Container and SteelBlox ensures that your shipping container home in Los Angeles is constructed with precision and attention to detail.

Shipping Containers for Sale in Los Angeles

Looking to buy a shipping container in Los Angeles? You have plenty of options! Here are some resources to help you find shipping containers for sale in the area:

  1. assists buyers in finding the perfect shipping container. With a user-friendly website featuring a digital cart, they make your search easy and efficient. They offer great prices for shipping containers and have numerous depots and containers on hand.
  2. Western Container Sales: Western Container Sales is a local company based in LA that specializes in delivering containers throughout the region. They offer a generous discount for those ordering multiple containers, making them a great choice if your home requires multiple containers.
  3. ConexWest: ConexWest delivers premium containers nationwide and is based in Los Angeles. They specialize in crafting bespoke containers for homes, allowing customers to bring their unique design visions to life.

Financing and Insurance for Shipping Container Homes in Los Angeles

Financing a Shipping Container Home

If you’re looking to finance a shipping container home in Los Angeles, it’s recommended to find lenders who specialize in this type of construction project. Traditional banks may not be familiar with the process, so seek out lenders who understand the unique challenges and requirements of building a shipping container home.

When approaching lenders, have a detailed construction plan in place. This plan should include information about your chosen builders and the location of your plot of land in Los Angeles. Having a well-thought-out plan shows your commitment and seriousness towards the project, which can increase your chances of securing financing.

Working with lenders experienced in financing shipping container homes in Los Angeles can help you overcome potential obstacles. These lenders understand the specific nuances of this type of construction and can guide you through the financing process. container homes for sale los angeles

Insurance for Shipping Container Homes

While finding insurance for a unique home like a shipping container home may seem challenging, there are steps you can take to increase your chances. container homes for sale los angeles

Keep track of your spending and get your home appraised by a professional after it’s built. This information will help your insurance agent find a policy that can adequately protect your home and your family. container homes for sale los angeles

Consider potential risks and costs involved. Insurance can cover damages caused by natural disasters, theft, or accidents. It can also provide liability protection in case someone gets injured on your property.

Obtaining insurance for your shipping container home can help you have peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safeguarded. Insurance ensures that you’re financially protected in case of unexpected events that could damage or harm your home.


Building a shipping container home in Los Angeles offers an affordable and sustainable living option. These homes provide cost-effectiveness, customization, and design freedom, making them an excellent choice for those seeking a unique and modern style of living.

Working with professional builders ensures a smooth construction process, and reputable builders like Living in a Container and SteelBlox can help bring your container home vision to life. container homes for sale los angeles

Remember to comply with legalities and regulations, and consult with experts to secure financing and insurance for your shipping container home.

With the availability of shipping containers for sale in Los Angeles, you can embark on the journey of building your dream container home in this vibrant city. Embrace a sustainable and innovative lifestyle with a shipping container home in Los Angeles.