container 40 feet for sale Everything You Need to Know About Buying a 40 ft Standard Shipping Container

container 40 feet for sale

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## Introduction

container 40 feet for sale

Firstly, Are you in need of a safe and secure storage solution? Look no further than a 40-foot used shipping container. These containers are perfect for on-site storage and offer durability and reliability. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about buying a 40 ft standard shipping container. From dimensions and specifications to delivery options and customer reviews, we’ve got you covered.

Why Choose a 40 ft Standard Shipping Container?

Secondly, Used 40 ft shipping containers are a popular choice for storage solutions due to their spaciousness and versatility. These containers have typically traveled the world, so they may show signs of wear and tear. However, rest assured that each container is wind and watertight, making it an excellent storage option for many years to come.

Dimensions and Specifications

External Dimensions:

Internal Dimensions:

These containers come with wooden floors and are repaired to ensure they are windproof and waterproof. Additionally, they are ISO certified, meaning they meet international regulations for shipping containers.

Delivery Options

When purchasing a 40 ft standard shipping container, you have the option to either pick it up yourself or have it delivered to your location. If you choose delivery, you can select your preferred delivery date during checkout. Onsite Storage Solutions, one of the leading providers of shipping containers, offers excellent customer reviews on Trustpilot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does delivery take?

The average delivery window is 3-7 business days from the moment the order is placed and the payment is received by the bank. Rest assured that your container will be delivered in a timely manner.

What does wind and watertight mean?

A wind and watertight container means that it has no cracks or holes, the floor is in good condition, and the door seals are tight enough to keep out any wind or water. If you were to stand inside the container with the doors closed, you should not see any light. This ensures that your goods will be secure from weather elements.

Can I choose the color of a used container?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose the color of a used container. Used containers are stored in large, packed depots with high stacks of containers. When your container is taken from the stack, it will be the first one available, and color selection is not possible.

What are the dimensions of a 20 ft shipping container?

A 20 ft shipping container has internal dimensions of 140.3 square feet and external dimensions of 159 square feet.

Customer Reviews

Here’s what our customers have to say about their experience with purchasing a 40 ft standard shipping container from Onsite Storage Solutions:

Pricing and Payment Options

The price of a used 40 ft standard shipping container starts at $1,799. However, Onsite Storage Solutions offers a discounted price of $1,749. Please note that prices do not include taxes. Additionally, Onsite Storage Solutions provides different payment options, including affordable monthly rates starting at $75.00 per month.

Delivery Information

Accessible Delivery Location

To ensure a smooth delivery process, make sure that the delivery location has adequate space of at least 12 feet wide for the truck to easily access your location.

Firm Ground

The ground where the container will be placed should be hard and provide a stable surface for the truck and container.

Flat Surface

Due to the tilt bed delivery method, it is important to have a flat surface for the container. Placing it on an incline is not possible.

Free of Obstructions

Allow enough space in front of the container, with a length of 3 times that of your container, to ensure easy access. container 40 feet for sale


When it comes to finding a reliable and spacious storage solution, a 40 ft standard shipping container is an excellent choice. These containers are wind and watertight, ISO certified, and can serve as a great storage solution for many years to come. With Onsite Storage Solutions, you can trust that you are getting a high-quality container and excellent customer service. Contact Onsite Storage Solutions today to request your free quote and find the perfect container for your storage needs.